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11079035_10153110897764543_1733203510586255387_nLabinot Gashi, known professionally as daOne, is an Albanian rapper, actor, entrepreneur, investor, music producer & msc software engineer.

Born in the West Side of Kosovo in the city of Peja neighborhood of Taphone, daOne began making music at age twelve during the 1999s kosovo war. Although he left his country to go to italy then moving to germany and then switzerland he came back at 2000, and in 2003 strarted to pursue a musical career. After daOne released the single Ruju in 2003, he got much love and respect by many teens and got a lot of young fans too.

After that he knew that he fell in love with Hip Hop music and started making more music, but in 2005 he got himself into a big MOB Family in westren of peja city that main business of that gang was selling used things, cars etc. He got his respect on the streets of his city but he never let the music out, after continuing the high school he crated his first Music Group called (B.F.P “Bullets From Peja) and had 12 members after 1 year the member numbers got low at only 2 (daOne & Millka) they then made they first song with a music video Called (Gangsteri Mangup) and continued making other Music Videos like (Click Click 2006, Peja 2007, Shkriju 2008, Plumbat 2009, We Ride 2010) and before the Group B.F.P got to an end they made their first Mixtape titled (The West Is Back) in 2011 they sold about 400 copies in Kosovo in only 1 week.

daOne made a pause after they decided to left the group B.F.P, then he began his professional career in continuing to register the College in Computer Science Software Engineering, after 3 years he finished with success the BSc then he continued another level on Finishing the Master of Science Degree in the same field he said ” i wana show all that i can do it better than all other rappers i can have a master degree, the street respect and rap about it ” .

In 2014 he made a new single called “My Shqipe” it’s about Albanians calling them all my brothers, the song started being liked on the internet and he wanted to make a video with it, so he began looking around to find someone that can make a nice video of this song and he found a young team (Dope Entertainment) now Dope Films, with the Director Andi Dautaj, this video meant a lot for daOne and Andi Dautaj just fulfilled his ideas about the music video in every aspect, so after that the song got a lot of respect and love all over the internet and tv’s.

Feb. 2015 was the year when daOne began making fans outside Kosovo, not just the countrys nearby but all over the world, that year daone made an agreement with CD.B. in USA to distribute his music in more than 200 online music stores. He made his Hit Song called just “FRESH” with this song daone got the attention of some of the biggest music artist over the world including (Xzibit, Lil Jon, Ice Cube etc). Than he continued spreading the song and for the first time he appeared on the biggest tv show in Albania “Zone e Lire” where he got the biggest respect from the tv show presenter and producer and made a lot of fans there. Continuing this daone made two more music videos with the same Video Production Dope Films and Director Andi Dautaj making each a super Hit (songs.: MK, OG).

2016 is the year where daone started to make his first Album and working on it he is making some music videos too, the first one is (Watch Your Back ..:released aug.2016) and continuing making other songs in the future also some collaborations with other artist inside country and outside with legendary know hip hop artist more about it coming soon.

Labinot “daOne” Gashi.